Richard Branson and the Tale of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has raised many a hair of celebrities and ordinary citizens. It has turned out to be a booming market facilitating and often providing illusions about getting rich. Richard Branson the British entrepreneur has a long involvement with this cryptocurrency.

Intent towards Investment

Richard Branson invested a hefty portion of his funds in the project BitPay. The investment amounted to 30 million USD, being cited as one of the largest investments in cryptocurrency exchange. BitPay was expected to flourish the job market by developing software mechanisms that would enable sellers on the internet to receive their payments in the bitcoin network. He originally back the founder of the Bitcoin Dice site Satoshi Dice, Erik Vorhees and so the BitPay investment was born.

Relationship with Matthew Roszak

The man behind Richard Branson’s success in BitPay sold the first bitcoins to him in the year 2013. Matthew Roszak says that he started to acquire bitcoins through other forms of currency. It was later that the term bitcoin was coined.

Richard Branson on Bitcoins

Richard Branson points out that the bitcoin industry has become a huge source for acquiring funds. He remains optimistic when he mentions that the development in the bitcoin industry will increase in the future. However, he also feels that there may be other forms of cryptocurrencies that may function better than bitcoins. According to Bloomberg TV when interviewed, Richard Branson mentioned that it is one of the more flourishing technologies at the present moment. He also mentioned about his initiative towards space tourism.

Rifts Created During His Journey

Richard Branson admonishes the scams that have been involved in the bitcoin business and hints at the fact that many organizations or websites fool investors into believing that money can be acquired in a very small time. Richard Branson denies the fact that he spoke about an easier way to earn money when a website quoted him as saying that “Earning money has become real and easy”. He expressed his grievances against these scams by clearing the doubt about his opinion on bitcoin investments.

Bitcoin Trader and Richard Branson

Bitcoin Trader the so called scam was identified by Richard Branson himself. It was believed that this particular group was caught using Richard’s name to spread fraud in the investor community. Benson later told that he had earlier warned people about fake news regarding bitcoins. He also persuaded the reporter to take into account his philanthropic ideas. According to the report Richard said that he provided a clear idea about bitcoin’s success in recent years but at the same time warned people of frauds.