Rhythm or calorie count, get the best fitness gadgets in 2018 and stay fit

Gadgets, who does not love them? Be it kitchen appliances or wearable gadgets while on trips, everyone is fond of it. The very idea of using health apps through your Smartphone to stay healthy and fit is a trend and now there are best fitness gadgets 2018, an appropriate fitness gadget for gym-goers and calorie counters. These gadgets allow having fun and track your health, making it the best workout session focused on fitness and health. A few fitness gadgets are:

Finis Neptune

Music is a powerful motivation to cycle or run an extra mile, but until now, it was not for swimming an extra lap. The Finis Neptune is a gadget that can be secured to the eyewear of the user as swimming goggles. This gadget relays music without the earbuds to the user’s ears using bone conduction audio that helps in relaying music to the swimmer. In fact, this device when used in submerged underwater, it makes the music clearer and louder as it features a 4GB built-in storage space, an OLED screen to control music and a rechargeable battery lasting for 8 hours.

Misfit Shine

This gadget is a pendant, bracelet, and can easily sit in your pocket. It is an activity tracker allowing tracking of activities and movements to help in achieving goals set on the iOS device. Owing to the design of this gadget, you can strap it to your arm and also dive without any worries and enjoy few laps. Yes, you are right it is waterproof. Tap the LED-lit face to check the progress. It works on coin batteries and also as a watch to last at a time for months.


Are you riding a road bike? You can use this gadget to check your stats as you cycle. Track heart rate, with Sportiiiis it is accurate. A simple HUD (Head-Up display) features 6 LED showing your heart rate. Now, you can mount this gadget on your sunglasses and also get the stats through voice prompts relaying your heart rate, speed, power, and cadence.

Fitbit Aria

This is a high-tech weighing scale suitable for weight watchers. This gadget Fitbit Aria does not merely inform weigh, in fact, it tracks your BMI, body fat percentage and transfers wirelessly the data to your computer to enable progress management. Fitbit Aria allows collecting data such that it works well with other apps. It syncs with your Smartphone notifying achieved a fitness goal. You can feel proud of your achievement badges that can be shared among your friends.