Here is the information to explore what is WikiLeaks and more

WikiLeaks is known to be a non-profit international organization that basically publishes various important and secret information, classified media and news leaks provided by the anonymous sources. The official website of WikiLeaks was reportedly initiated in Iceland in the year 2006 by Sunshine Press.

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WikiLeaks claims to be having a huge database of 10 million documents. Julian Assange is known to be the director, founder and editor-in-chief of this organization. This Australian Internet activist was involved in various controversies for WikiLeaks over the years.

More on WikiLeaks

  • WikiLeaks has reportedly published plenty of prominent document dumps. In their early stage, they published equipment expenditure in the Afghanistan war as well as the corruption investigation in Kenya. In the year 2010, this organization published ‘Collateral Murder’ footage which was happened in 2007’s Baghdad airstrike. Iraqi journalists got killed in this incident. Among other releases, there were Iraq war Logs and Afghan War Diary. In the latter event there were around 109,032 deaths.
  • In the year 2010, this organization published US State Department diplomatic ‘’cables’’. Later in 2011, they went on publishing around 779 secret files regarding detained prisoners in Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
  • Moreover, in 2016, during US presidential election campaign, WikiLeaks has reportedly published emails along with other relevant documents and details from Democratic National Committee and from manager of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta. This released did some serious damage to Clinton’s campaign for the obvious reasons. It was said that the leaked emails were hacked by Russia and then was given to WikiLeaks.


Their basic purpose is to bring significant and authentic information and news to the general public. They believe in absolute truth. They put their effort in publishing the authentic and original source materials. WikiLeaks emphasize on the importance of the news on general mass public. Bigger the news, bigger the influence-and this is their motto.


WikiLeaks has really got its fair share of criticism for its work over the years. They have been criticised for its reluctance on whistle-blowing on the activity of Russia. They have also been heavily criticised for Panama Paper fiasco. On the other hand, they are also criticised for curating its content as well as violating personal privacy of the individuals.

On the other hand, WikiLeaks has reportedly published other information such as medical information, Social Security numbers, and detail of different suicide attempts, credit card numbers as well as other sensitive and delicate personal information.